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Jun 152009

We are pleased to be able to provide the transcript of the first of the conference lectures, “Why the Scientific World View Confirms Liberal Christian Faith”, given by Canon Professor Keith Ward.

The transcript of the lecture can be downloaded from here.

We are still awaiting a copy of the transcript of the second lecture, which will be uploaded as soon as it becomes available.

Jun 032009


We are pleased to announce that at the conference on Saturday there will be an opportunity to meet author Trevor Williams, who will be promoting his newly-published book, "The Ultimacy of Jesus: The Language and Logic of Christian Commitment". anti anxiety. Canon Williams will have copies of the book available to purchase or order.

Was the tomb empty?

Would it matter if Jesus had been cremated?

Is God a figment of our imagination – a social construction projected onto a cosmic screen?

Can someone be a man and God?

Trevor WIlliams wrestles with these and many other challenging questions. His aim is not simply to defend traditional Christian beliefs, but by critical analysis to expose and remove unnecessary obstacles to belief.At issue buy avodart online india here is not only the content but the language of doctrine, and the place of myth and symbol within it. While sharing the reservations of many atheists and secularists, he argues that commitment to the ultimacy of Jesus can still be justified in our scientific age and in the context of religious and cultural pluralism, without the sacrifice of intellectual integrity or lapsing into Fundamentalism or provoking conflict, If you’re looking for creative insights and theological excitement, read this book!

Also, contrary to the information previously, Blackwells will be providing us with a small display of other books that will be of interest to conference participants that will be available to purchase or order. There will be time during the day to visit their main store across the road from the conference venue.