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About Affirming Liberalism





A Church of England Network

Supporting Liberal Christians of All Denominations


‘Building bridges not barriers’


President: Canon Professor Keith Ward; Regius Professor of Divinity, Emeritus; Oxford University



Chairman: Revd Dr Richard Warden; St James’ Church, Finchampstead, Berkshire, England



On its website the Church of England describes itself as

a Comprehensive Church… which has been enriched by the co-existence within it of three broad traditions, the Evangelical, the Catholic and the Liberal…”

It continues…

The Liberal tradition has emphasized the importance of the use of reason in theological exploration. insomnia. heart cholesterol. It has stressed the need to develop Christian belief and practice in order to respond creatively to wider advances in human knowledge and understanding and the importance of social and political action in forwarding God’s kingdom.”




Affirming Liberalism seeks to enhance this ‘enrichment’ of the Christian faith and support ordained and lay Christians of the Liberal Anglican tradition by:

1.  Affirming faith in Jesus’ life, teaching, death and resurrection as revealing God’s limitless love for all humanity in this life and the next.


2.  Affirming the dynamic action of God’s Spirit in dispersing this divine love throughout the world.

3.  Affirming the beneficial insights of biblical, literary and historical criticism for our understanding of Scripture and Tradition.

4.  Affirming a free, questioning and philosophical approach to Christian faith through God-given reason.

5.  Affirming the profound significance of science and mathematics in forming a Christian world-view and understanding of the universe.

6.  Affirming the positive benefits of the social sciences for comprehending human nature and society, and in developing Christian ethics.

7.  Affirming appreciation of the distinctive nature of religious language in vibrant worship which connects us to the divine.

8.  Affirming the vitality of the performing and creative arts in shaping a dynamic Christian vision of life lived in relation to God.

9.  Affirming open, creative conversation between Liberals, Evangelicals and Catholics as a means of enriching our understanding of the Christian gospel.


10. Affirming open, creative conversation with other faith traditions and cultures as a way of deepening our understanding of God.


Why the Network?

·     Reclaiming the use of the word ‘Liberal’ its Christian context, rescuing it from the negative prefix-woolly!


·     Following Jesus’s command to love God with all our mind, as well as heart, soul and strength.  (Luke chapter 10)


·     Providing another home for Liberal Christians, with an annual day conference in Oxford, a website and resource information.


·     Describing 10 characteristics of a liberal approach to Christian faith, supporting intelligent faith in the 21st century.


·     Building ‘Bridges not Barriers’ between Christians of different persuasions.


·     Encouraging Liberal Christians to be:


·     Confident not apologetic
Visible not invisible
Vocal not silent
Overt not covert
Free not fearful
Strong not weak

Why the Name?

AFFIRMING –this sums up exactly the network’s purpose-an affirmation of Liberal Christianity.

LIBERALISM-the word liberalism points to the freedom and joy of the Christian life: liberality, liberation, liberate, liberty.


Who Is It For?

·     Anyone!  There is no formal membership fee or subscription.  The annual conference and website are open to all.

·     Centred in Oxford, but open to anyone within and beyond the Oxford diocese.


·     All liberally minded Christians including Liberal Catholics and Liberal Evangelicals, who seek alternatives to conservatism and fundamentalism.


·     Inquisitive believers of all ages who-like Doubting Thomas-ask honest questions on their journey of faith.


·     New and experienced-those new to faith and those who have been Christians for many years.


·     Lay and ordained Christians particularly within the Church of England, but all denominations are welcome.


·     Agnostics and seekers who consider themselves spiritual but not religious and seek a liberal approach to Christianity.

For more details contact us through the contact form.


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