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Apr 262008

In an ideal world, the lectures from the Affirming Liberalism conference in February would have been uploaded before now, but I hope you will consider this to be a pleasant late spring surprise! A PDF of Mark Chapman’s lecture can be downloaded here and Keith Ward’s will be uploaded in due course. I do hope you find them useful as we take forward their important ideas into our own situations.

Thank you to everyone who offered their thoughts and suggestions for the future. I have been able to act on some of these thus far.
Certainly another conference was requested, and after some deliberation, it has been decided to make this an annual (rather than biannual) event for now. As Mark Chapman said on the subject, ‘once organisations get too structured they frequently become self-absorbed and inward looking which is quite the reverse of Saturday.’

Therefore a date for your diary is Saturday 6th June 2009. This time we have opted for the magnificent and larger venue of the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford, just opposite Trinity College. By then this beautiful Sir Christopher Wren auditorium, which amongst other things is the setting for Oxford University graduation ceremonies, will have been fully refurbished and will be a most buy avodart us splendid setting for a major day conference. Some speakers are already booked, but there will be more details to follow.

There were also several requests for some teaching material, in the form of a DVD. This is being seriously considered and should it go ahead, it will be pitched at the level of a seekers course for those wanting to find a way into Christian faith in contemporary society. You may also like to know that the Modern Churchpeople’s Union is happy to promote some material about Affirming Liberalism on its stand at the Lambeth Conference.

I am aware that there were a good number of individuals who were offering their time and talents to forward a more liberal Christian agenda in the Oxford Diocese and beyond, and I was wondering if people would be interested in meeting up for a convivial working lunch in Oxford later on in the summer/autumn where we could pool ideas and make some further progress? Please use the “Contact Us” link above if you would like to participate and we will fix a date.

Thank you once again for all your interest and support as we seek to move forward.

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