Affirming Liberalism Update

I’ve just given the website a bit of an update with a tweak to the look, and also direct links to our Twitter and Facebook pages.

The other big addition is that we have recently created an e-mail discussion list, and idea that was suggested at the last conference. Attendees at that conference who left an e-mail address will have received an invitation, but anybody else can sign up using the link on the sidebar.

With regards to the last conference, our sincere apologies for the continuing lack of uploads of recordings of the two talks. Unfortunately we handed over responsibility for the recordings to the college, and I didn’t have my own digital recorder for a backup, and as yet we have not been able to obtain copies of the recordings that were made from the sound system in the lecture theatre. We are aware that a number of people were unable to attend the conference and were hoping to be able to listen to the sessions online, we sincerely apologise for being unable to offer that.

Announcing the 2010 Day Conference

We are pleased to be able to announce our third day conference, which will be held on 30th October 2010, in the fantastic surroundings of Wellington College in Crowthorne, Berkshire. This year alongside Canon Professor Keith Ward, who will be speaking on the topic of “Can Liberals be Biblical Christians?”, we are pleased to be able to welcome Dr Peter Vardy who will be speaking about “Good and Bad Religion”.

The lectures will be held in one of the college’s purpose built lecture theatres, and lunch will be provided in the college dining hall. We will also hold our conference service in the fine college chapel. There is ample parking on the site, but the college is also only a short walk from Crowthorne railway station.

Please see below for a flyer for the conference, as before we are offering a special group rate. Please use either the normal booking form, or the special group booking form as required.

Affirming Liberalism 2010 Conference Flyer

Transcript of “Why the Scientific World View Confirms Liberal Christian Faith”

We are pleased to be able to provide the transcript of the first of the conference lectures, “Why the Scientific World View Confirms Liberal Christian Faith”, given by Canon Professor Keith Ward.

The transcript of the lecture can be downloaded from here.

We are still awaiting a copy of the transcript of the second lecture, which will be uploaded as soon as it becomes available.

Why Liberal Churches are Growing

This is a recording of the majority of the lecture by Canon Professor Martyn Percy from the afternoon session of the day conference on June 6th. As has been previously mentioned we suffered a recording failure, so we do not have the last few minutes of the session, nor the questions. However we hope to shortly have a complete transcript of the lecture that we will post that will contain the missing portion.

As with the first lecture, this is introduced by Rev Dr Richard Warden, the chair of Affirming Liberalism.